Search Engine Marketing Overview For SMBs in Singapore

Search Engine Marketing Explained

Search engine marketing also commonly known as SEM is the process of gaining traffic and visibility enhancement from a search engine. SEM can be through both paid and unpaid efforts that are made by the site owner.


With paid search marketing you have to market your business using paid adverts that appear on the first page of search engine result page. To do this as an advertiser you need to bid on keywords that user or browsers of services such as Bing and Google might use when looking for certain products or information. It gives you as an advertiser the available opportunity for the consumer to see your products alongside their search results.


Unlike SEM which entails getting or gaining traffic through paid search listings, SEO marketing encompasses earning traffic to your site without paying any fees or through free listing.

Search engine optimization SEO marketing is rather the most efficient and effective way to grow your business and promote your product in a competitive market.

Getting a good search engine optimization is always necessary and essential to your website. It helps you to position your website properly and make it be found at the most needed and critical points in the transaction or buying process or when people are in need of your site.

SEO is purposed to create an even seamless process with the user experience. It also enhances the communication with the search engine so that the search engine can recommend your website for relevant searches.

SEO marketing
Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines often want to do their jobs as perfect and best as possible therefore they always determine with relevancy the most appropriate site that has content that one is searching. This is determined through:

  1. Authority, or commonly known as domain authority, the search engines looks if your website has the enough and best content to link other authoritative sites and also can your site be used for referencing from other sites.
  2. Content, this is determined by the theme that is being searched or given, that is the titles and the descriptions given.
  3. Site performance, how efficient and fast is your site and does it work properly.


search engine optimised site will rank higher in google
Search engine optimised site rank higher in Google

With the help of an SEO Singapore company applying proper search engine optimization or SEO, it enables you to improve your site and also save time potentially. However, SEO can also damage your site and your reputation as well. Therefore, you need to hire Singapore SEO expert with great care.

Before hiring any SEO consultant always make sure that you know the advantages and also the risk that may be caused on your site. Beware also about the types of SEO challenges that may exist could also save you tons of money. Take some time to learn about the types of questions you need to ask before you hire any SEO Singapore Services.

In conclusion, it is important that business owners take their due diligence and time to speak to different SEO agencies, gather information about how each company conduct their SEO strategies, and spent sufficient research time to find the best SEO company.


Engaging the right SEO expert will give you quality SEO work and help your site be seen and be found by more potential customers. SEO marketing gives you the best return on investment and it can offer you a long term recurring business revenue, month after month.   Therefore be sure to take your time to find a proven and effective Singapore SEO company that apply safe SEO strategies and tactics which is complying to Google guidelines.

You should not hire any SEO agency that apply black-hat tactics such as forcefully trying to get huge amount of un-natural or spammy backlinks as such practice will eventually cause your site to be penalized by Google and result in your site removed from Google’s search index.






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