Marketing & Innovation Are Crucial For Your Business Success

Welcome to Linkmegosztó !

In order for any local business owners to succeed in their business, regardless whether you are running a small business or a large enterprise, 2 areas in which all successful entrepreneurs and business owners must constantly develop and expand will be: Marketing & Innovation. Ideally, all entrepreneurs will have a passion for marketing.

What Will You Benefit From Linkmegosztó?

Our mission is to empower all Singapore local entrepreneur with digital marketing knowledge especially in the area of SEO marketing. You shall get an education of key marketing principles and you will be transformed from a marketer at heart, to a marketer in practice. We will share small business marketing best practices, tips and know-how so you will learn from successful case studies and avoid some bad practices.

Who Our Site is Built In Mind?

Singapore small medium business owners whose business is stuck in the status quo and want to not only level the playing field, but tilts the field to their advantage.

What’s Our Mission & Goal?

To empower you to build a powerful brand that stands for something and has meaning. You will move toward the vision you have for your company. You will be empowered with confidence and knowledge to build and implement your business marketing plan leading to your success.

So visit regularly to get the latest marketing insights and trends to empower you for success.